How to Receive It

The “HOW” of “Receiving” is…”BELIEVING”


You may think, “it cannot be that simple,” but it IS. Every action we take requires BELIEVING.  YOU ARE who you are because of your believing.  You DO what you do because of your believing.  You say what you BELIEVE.  YOU WILL BE WHO AND WHERE YOUR BELIEVING TAKES YOU.


Webster defines believing as “accepting as true, having complete confidence in, trust and rely in/on completely.” 


In the Bible, the words “believing” and “faith” are translated from the same Greek word “pistis.”  What does that mean?  Faith IS believing.  In the Bible, there are 5 meanings of “pistis.”  Sometimes it’s translated “believing” sometimes “faith.”  How do you know which is which?  From the context in which it’s used, that’s how.


2 Timothy 2:15 – Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth.


  1. Believing
  2. Faithfulness
  3. The Faith of Jesus Christ
  4. Manifestation of Believing
  5. Family Faith


How many times do you think the word “faith” is used in the Old Testament?  Hundreds of times?  It is used twice.  Both times it means faithfulness.  Why does your mind tell you that cannot be?  Because Hebrews 11 says “by faith Noah…,” and “by faith Abraham…,” etc.  But when you look at the record in the Old Testament, it says Noah believed God, Abraham believed God, etc.  They completely relied on and trusted in God.  They got the answers to their prayers.  They accomplished mighty deeds with God’s help.


Jesus did mighty deeds with his Father’s help.  He always did the will of his Father.  He completely relied on and trusted his Father’s words; so much so that he died knowing he’d be raised from the dead because HIS FATHER SAID SO AND HE BELIEVED IT. 


Today we have the Faith of Jesus Christ when we trust and rely on the Word to carry us to victory.  We act on our Believing Faith and get the desired results.  Jesus said that with the believing faith of a mustard seed, we can accomplish great feats.  When we got saved, part of the package was the believing faith of Jesus Christ.  He is the head, we are his body.  As members of the Body of Christ, we have at our disposal, the believing faith of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We are encouraged with God’s Word that we are to do the works he did.  As we believe, trust, and rely on the words of the Word, and act on our believing faith, God backs up His Word and we accomplish our intended goal – healing, deliverance, etc.


To accomplish the works of Jesus, many times takes the Manifestation of Believing.  This is supernatural believing outside the normal realm of the physical and it works in the spiritual realm.  Healing, miracles, and casting out devils all take the Manifestation of Believing.  It is an outward showing of the power of the Holy Spirit activated in the name of Jesus Christ to bring to pass miracles, healing, and other acts of the Holy Spirit.  See 1 Corinthians 12:7 to find the 9 manifestations of the one gift of the Holy Spirit.


The fifth meaning is the Family Faith, our mutual believing.  This is one of our most powerful weapons in the Church.  We’re exhorted to keep the UNITY of the spirit in the bond of peace in Ephesians 4:1.  In Matthew, we’re told where two or more agree, things happen that we want- healing, great miracles, deliverance; the power of God Almighty is MULTIPLIED to effect great change.  Look in Acts…anytime a great move of the Word takes place, mutual Family Faith precedes.  The shadow of Peter passed over people and they were healed; prison doors were opened; whole cities believed and were delivered from Satan’s hold on them.  It goes on and on.  Read Acts, it’s a good book.  It’ll open your eyes to what’s available when we stand together as a Household of Faith. 


This is only scratching the surface on this topic of Faith/Believing.  When you come across the word faith in the new testament, ask yourself… WHICH ONE IS THIS?  From the context you’ll know if it’s Believing, the Faith of Jesus Christ, Faithfulness, the Manifestation of Believing, or the Family Faith/Mutual Believing/Agreement.


See you in Church,

John Jernigan