Alone with God

We should strive to be like Jesus, and you know Jesus must have gotten drained from all of the goings on with the people.  Think about it – Jesus heals the sick in a crowd after hearing about his beloved John’s murder and then he fed the 5,000.  I can only imagine how exhausting that would be.  What did Jesus do?  He instructed His disciples to get into a ship and for them to go before Him and then He sent the people away.  Once He had done so He went up to the mountain to pray and meditate alone.  This time alone with the Father was when Jesus must have recharged His own battery and it was the ‘secret’ of His public power.  During this time alone with God Jesus was able to continually receive the Holy Spirit and the anointing that comes with such a relationship in order to continue in His daily work.  You know, as believers we can and should do this too!  We must spend time alone with our Father in order to gain the strength and the power that comes from time alone with God.  We will talk more about power another time.


Let’s look at another time when Jesus spent time alone, in Mark 6.  Jesus had fed the 5,000 and He immediately sent His disciples and the others away.  This seemed to be a habit with Him; when others didn’t need Him we would send them away and then He would spend time alone with God.  Jesus had gone into the mountains to pray.  He had sent His disciples out on the see to go to Bethsaida and when evening set in, so did a storm and Jesus knew the disciples were in trouble, so He walked out to them.  Maybe He didn’t have a boat or maybe He didn’t take the time to get into a boat because He had been in prayer and meditation with the Father, I don’t know. 


Other examples of Jesus spending time alone with the Father can be found in Mark 1:35,  and Luke 6:12.  We are given the Lord’s Prayer after Jesus had been spending time alone with God when the disciples asked Him how to pray, and what a valuable tool that is! 


The point is when we spend time alone with God just like Jesus did we strengthen our relationship with Him and we allow Him to speak to us.  This is where our power and strength as Christians come – so I challenge you today as you drive to work or school, clean the house, take a shower – whenever – spend time alone with God today and everyday! 
~ Laurie Boen