Romans 4:18-21

Who against hope, believed in hope…and being not weak in faith…he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief…and being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.


How good are you at living your persuasions?  What things in life are you persuaded about?  Think about it.  If we weren’t persuaded that Jesus was the savior, we would never get saved.  How would we convince others they needed to be saved?  How would we start transforming ourselves into a new man or woman if we weren’t fully persuaded that Christians go through a transformation of the spirit and body when we get saved?


All of these are very important questions that can only be answered one way; you have to be persuaded that what the Bible says is truth.  If you live a life of lies, then you are persuaded that you are not capable of functioning in the truth.  If you do not tithe, then you are not persuaded that God can bless your finances.  If you always say, “I can’t,” then you are persuaded that it’s not possible that you can. 


Think about this.  Patriotic people, whether they are Christians or not, are fully persuaded that America is the strongest nation on earth, with the strongest military, and believe that the American flag should never be trampled on and should fly in every front yard.  They are fully persuaded that America is an elite country that everyone envies to be a part of. 


As Christians, the same should apply to our walk with God.  Spiritually speaking, Christians are an elite bloodline, that are a part of God’s elite army and believe that the Christian banner should fly in every front yard.  Why?  Because we believe with our whole hearts that we serve the God of the universe and we are elite in every aspect of the universe; we walk with the humility of a kitten, but we are as bold as lions.


Your persuasions must be lived if you believe them.  There is no other way to experience your persuasions.  If you don’t live them, then you don’t believe them.  


Interview yourself…


What are my persuasions?


Do I believe prosperity is for anyone, or just the rich?


Can I be made whole? (spiritually, physically, financially, etc.)


Can I be a professional athlete?


Can I be a boss at my job?


Find your persuasions.  Live them.  Life is a fun journey!


Note:  Be real with yourself.  Set realistic goals.  Obtaining short term goals will eventually lead to long term goals and milestones in your life; it builds confidence that you can be successful!
~ Howdy Byars