You DO NOT have to register for an account to give a donation.  But, if you are planning to give more than once, it will be easier and less time-consuming for future transactions if you create an account.
If you do not plan to register, skip down to the line that begins with **Special note
How to register for an online giving account with Williamson County Cowboy Church:
  • Click Register on the donation form.
  • A new form will open.
  • Fill in your email address.  Create a password.  Confirm your password by typing it again in the next box.
  • Click Register.
  • Check the email account that you used to register for online giving; you will receive a verification email from Williamson County Cowboy Church.
  • Click on the link that says click here to verify your email address.
  • A new page will open.
  • Type your password into the box provided and click Submit.
  • You will see a new message that says your account has been created.  You can either click the link that takes you back to the giving page, or you can close the window.
How to give:
  • Go to the online giving form and click Login.
  • A new form will open.
  • Type in the email address and password you used to register your account with WCCC.
  • Click Login.
  • A new form will open.  
  • **Special note – If you intend to divide your donation between the Church and Pastor Corey, DO NOT type the full amount of your donation into the first box, because you will use two separate boxes for that type of transaction.**
  • Enter the dollar amount of your donation.
  • Click the Select box.  Choose either Church or Pastor Corey.
  • If you are dividing your donation between the church and Pastor Corey, click Add Gift and repeat the previous two steps.
  • If this is a one-time gift or you don’t want to make this gift recurring on a set schedule, skip the Frequency Box.  If you would like to see up a recurring gift, then click on the words One-Time Gift.  From the menu, choose the appropriate schedule for your gift.  Select a start date.  Select an end date or skip this step.
  • Say something in the comments box or skip this step.
  • Fill in all the required information that is marked with asterisk by the title (this is already filled in if you have a registered account).
  • Select Credit/Debit Card or E-Check.
  • Fill out the appropriate form for the payment type you chose.
  • Click Give Now.
  • A new form will open.
  • This lets you know that your donation is complete and shows the details of your transaction.  You will also receive an email receipt from Williamson County Cowboy Church.
  • At this point you can view your account or log out.
  • Your bank or credit card statement will show the transaction as:  HP *Williamson County Cowboy Church.
  • If you need help with registering your account or completing your donation, please call us at 512-778-5295.